Everything About Behaviour Change Program Drink Drive

Everybody is well aware with the traffic rules and the penalties that have been set by the government of each country. Some of these rules might vary from country to country but there are some basic traffic rules which are similar all across the world. These rules might vary from the observance of traffic signals and signage to the concentration on the road while driving. The violation of the traffic rules can cause serious penalties; the extent of the penalty depends upon the extent of the offence. Drink and drive is considered as one such offence which can result into severe punishment, penalty and the disqualification of the driving license. To re-claim the driving licence, one must have the certificate of behaviour change program drink drive.  We will be discussing everything about behaviour change program drink drive in this article. 

Behaviour change programs:

Before directly rushing to the topic, let us first comprehend the idea of behaviour change program. In simpler words, behaviour change program can be defined as the program which teaches, educates or aware the person about the risks or the consequences that are being caused or can be caused by the certain activities of the person which he is carrying out. It is the process of intervening in the behavioural activities of a person which must be reduced or completely eradicated because otherwise they might be a risk for the person as well as the society. One such type of behaviour change program is for the people who have found to be drunk while driving.

Behaviour change program drink drive:

Behaviour change program drink drive is the kind of a program in which such activities or intervention is carried out that the drink drive behaviour of a person gets changed. This program is for the people who have been found driving while they were drunk. If any driver has been found drunk with the blood alcohol concentration level that exceeds 0.5 ratios then this driver is given penalty according to the severity of the situation and in most cases their driving license gets disqualified. Now, to re-claim the driving license, one must assure the government or the driving authority that he won’t be doing the same thing again, this reassurance is provided by taking the course of behaviour change program drink drive. In this program, a person is educated and taught well enough about the consequences of the action that can harm the society as well.


Behaviour change program is the program in which such activities are carried out that change such behaviour of a person that might harm the society. Behaviour change program drink drive is one such type of a program in which such processes are carried out that change the behaviour of person for being drunk while driving. If a person wants to re-claim his driving license which has been disqualified because of drink driving then he has to take this behaviour change program drink drive. “Drink drive assist” offers the best behaviour change program drink drive. For further details, just check the company’s website at https://drinkdriveassist.com.au/