A Brief Guide About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a normal brain disorder and most of the people suffer from this kind of disease. However the intensity and severity of this disease vary. The patient could be suffering from dyslexia if he finds difficult to learn the spelling, he is not able to read quickly and he cannot pronounce the words in the correct manner and even when the person is not even able to decipher the words not in writing and not even if someone is reading these aloud. Different cases of dyslexia could have any of these problems and severe cases could have multiple of these problems.

There are around 70 to 80 percent people who find it difficult to read, they can read but they are not able to read quickly and it is not necessary that these people are dyslectic but it is possible. Around 15 to 20 percent people are those people who actually have this brain disorder and they are not able to decode or process the language. Dyslexia is not a rare disease it is considered as the most common diseases of the brain which causes language problems. The ratio of the male and female in this 15 to 20 percent are same.

Some people may confuse the dyslexia with the alexia. Dyslexia in Melbourne is a disease which is by birth in the person, this person will face problem in language always whenever he or she will try to learn it. On the other hand, alexia is not by birth. It is the disease in which the brain cells damages after certain time or after some incident which means that If the person was able to learn throughout but after some incident his learning ability of the languages gets damaged then it is alexia.

The disease of dyslexia could be related to number of factors which include the genetics as well and as well as the environmental factor. It is possible that someone in the family had the dyslexia and it is then inherited to the successors. There are different kind of tests which are run on the patient to identify the dyslexia and determine its intensity. These tests may include spell checker, vision test, reading skills test and many other related tests. However, this is worth noticing that the dyslexia is not related with the problems that the person face in reading as the result of the vision problems or lack of good teaching. There have been quite a research in this disease, some people do not consider it a disorder but rather consider it a special kind of state of the mind in which different methods should be acquired to teach the students.