Importance Of Knowing Road Rules

No matter how you look at it, rules exist for a reason. If you think that rules are for the weak and rules only just take away the fun out of things. Well, when it comes to road rules it serves just more than just keeping things in check. These rules are constantly saving lives as we speak. I have seen people struggling to cross roads where vehicles are moving constantly and some of them while doing so almost knocking themselves on to in coming traffic. Having a zebra crossing – cars stopping for people to cross while pedestrians cross the road without making a hassle on the road just brings safety to both the person crossing the road and the person behind the wheel. Everyone following the road rules helps keep everyone on the same page and view the road in the same manner as everyone. It is one way of telling that the road is not owned by anyone but the public. This makes roads less confusing and learning the rules makes it easier for you to easily drive to destination without obstructing others.

If you go to a driving school to begin your driving lesson the first thing they will teach you about road rules because when learning anything it is always important that you learn what is important and the basics. Making it a no brainer that road rules are important. Before you learn how to handle a car you need to know how to handle the road.

Some of the most common rules are wearing a seatbelt. According to researches wearing the seatbelt reduces serious injuries a lot by at least 50 percent. Air bags can save lives as well but you cannot be sure that air bags can save lives alone. Having both seatbelt and air bags on can definitely help you together to provide the best protection. Besides we all know what happens when you break the rules on the road and get caught. A ticket given by the police can be costly depending on the offence. Chances are also very high that you will meet with an accident. Imagine driving towards a junction and driving pass a red light. While doing another vehicle comes from the right side. He was doing the right thing by driving straight on because it was green for him and he won’t expect some to drive through the red light. Well, you could prove him wrong and both will suffer and accident and results can be fatal. Road rules are not to be dealt with lightly no matter how you look at it.